CCIE Workbook

Routing & Switching v5 $1000 USD
Service Provider v4 $1500 USD
Data center v2 $1500 USD



  • Full initial configurations,Full detail labs diagrams,Full Troubleshooting diagrams, Diagonistics
  • Full questions, Full solutions with output of solutions
  • Backbone Configurations are in the PCE Package workbooks
  • Virtual Simulator (WEB-IOU) for Configuration labs and troubleshoot labs.
  • 120 days free updates for PCE members
  • Accuracy of PCE workbooks are over 99% correct
  • All CCIE PASS EXAM workbooks will be protected by DRM(Digital Rights Management)

  Online Rack Rental

Each Session willl be of 8 HoursOnline Conduct
1 Session 30$
3 Session(1 day) 80$
21 Session (1 Week) 400$

Each Session of 8 Hours


  • We provide 24 * 7 online rental racks for R&S v5.
  • Each session will be of 8 hours.
  • We also provide rack timings on demand of candidates.
  • Online rack Rental can be accessed with vpn.
  • Devices used for CCIE RSv5 Lab Exam are Virtual according to Cisco, vDevices 15.3T IOS used for Routers and 15.0SE IOS for Switches. Candidates can automatically load initial configs, save your configs and resume later anytime. We installed only the up-to-date IOS 15.3T for Routers and 15.0SE for Switches that is designed to give you the best possible experience in preparation for your CCIE lab exam.
  • We have 10 Virtual Racks for CCIE RSv5.

   How to Schedule

  • Place an order
  • E-mail us your continent time on
  • We will reserve and send you Confirmation.

   CCIE R&Sv5 Rack details

Devices RAM/NVRAM Modules IOS - File Name
R1 to R20 256MB/256KB 4 Ethernet 15.4.1T A
SW1 to SW6 256MB/256KB 16 Ethernet 15.1M
ISP1 to ISP6 256MB/256KB 4 Ethernet/8 Serial 15.4.1T A
Internet 256MB/256KB 12 Ethernet 15.4.1T A

  Proctor Lab

PRICE : 250$

All Labs  
All Tshoot  


  • Getting verified your Labs & Tshoot helps you in clearing CCIE exam in first attempt.
  • We find out your mistakes and guide you to the right way.

   How to Schedule

  • Take Rack rental session from us.
  • Please give us 24 Hrs prior intimation, before you book this services, so we can make our Expert available to verify your Labs/TShoot/Diag.
  • Make a payment.
  • E-mail us on

Online Training

All Labs
All Tshoots

Online Training


  • Online Bootcamp is the best way of getting training.
  • It helps you in saving your time & money.
  • We provide online training to candidates which includes All Labs/All Tshoot/Diagnosis as per candidate comfort Timings.

   How to Schedule

  • Please give us 24 Hrs prior intimation, before you book this service, so we can make our Expert available to train you for Labs/TShoot/Diag.
  • Make a payment.
  • E-mail us on

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